A new system of safety barrier that could become the standard for major international circuits has been introduced at the Paul Ricard test track in France. TECPRO BARRIERS installed at the "S de la Verrerie" corners replace the traditional construction of tyre walls with a polyethylene-metallic sheet combination barrier. Each individual barrier piece are made from variable density foam, with a reinforcing metallic sheet placed at its center. Each is 4.5ft long, 4ft high and 2ft wide, and weighs 260lb. They are attached together with high-strenght nylon belts to create lenght of barriers becoming extremely efficients at absorbing energy and reducing g-forces during impact.

Paul Ricard boss Philippe Gurdjian said: "TECPRO BARRIERS concept is innovative and a new step towards safety. That's why Paul Ricard was the first track to adopt it. We have developed new concepts which are now copied on all the new tracks over the world."

Paul Ricard has been designated as the FIA first centre for motorsport safety.

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Huge crash of Pastor Maldonado (Williams) who hits the junction between the Tecpro line and the guardrail. In spite of the line takes down of the rail following the enormous impact, it has protected Pastor Maldonado of a collision with the Jules Bianchi F1 (Marussia) who arrived behind. This one, in spite of he is pushed the Tecpro line, was able to get back to its stand and to finish the race.

The fast and efficient intervention of the Marshalls and of the Tecpro team has permitted to reset the Tecpro line in place in just 3 minutes. If the safety barriers were tires, the high speed of this crash would have destroy the piles of tires that would have been scattered everywhere on and off the track. The replacement lines tires would have taken hours and the drivers would have been seriously injured. But there were Tecpro to ensure the health of the driver and the proper maintenance of the GP.

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TECPRO BARRIERS is a revolutionary system of low-wall protection

Over six years in development, TECPRO BARRIERS system is capable of absorbing the energy of a 200 Km/h impact while keeping the g-force experienced by the driver to tolerable levels.

The research program that led to the barrier's development was triggered by Michael Schumacher's accident at Silverstone in 1999, when he sustained a broken leg but was lucky to escape head injuries.

The work was led on behalf of the FIA Safety Institute by FIA engineers and TECPRO BARRIERS technicians.

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Our barriers are approved by the FIA, FIM.

Maximizes impact energy absorbsion (G Force).

Reduction of crash damages.

No boomerang effect.



Very low maintenance needed.

Easy to install.

Easy to move.

No annual repainting.



Fantastic advertising support.

Temporary and permanent tracks.

Always good looking.



Focus on Mister Tecpro

Founder of TECPRO BARRIERS company.

Mister Tecpro

Today TECPRO BARRIERS collaborates with FIA, FIM, and the major National Federations Motorsports. TECPRO BARRIERS works with worldwide renowned race track designers and architects.

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At the beginning, the system TECPRO is tested with effectiveness for the go-kart. Mr Galiana is convinced that Tecpro barriers will be also effective in the Formula 1 by adapting the safety system to Formula 1.

2000 / 2006 Tecpro barriers executed a series of crash tests with FIA Institute and Dekra. The tests proved to be very effective and successful ones for the Tecpro safety barriers. The last test has been executed at 218 km/h which is a speed that has never been tested before. The data proves that Tecpro barriers are more effective than the old tires system whatever the speed. Today, we can certainly state that Tecpro barriers are 40% more effective.

2005 TECPRO BARRIERS were installed in the Paul Ricard for a real test.
2006 TECPRO BARRIERS are installed on Monza, Monaco and Barcelona, for Formula 1 Grand Prix.
2008 Singapore Grand Prixis the first circuit to be 100% equipped by Tecpro barriers.
2009 Abu Dhabi 1st permanent circuit to be equipped by Tecpro barriers.
2011 New Delhi 1st India Circuit.
2012 Austin: first American circuit to be equipped by Tecpro barriers.

The formula circuits are mostly using Tecpro barriers: Silverstone (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Macao, Porto, Valencia … Today, Tecpro barriers is answering to many Architects’ working proposals such as H Tilke, A Wilson, S Gibbons and circuit designers as P. Gurdjian.

2013 Tecpro Barriers equipped, one circuit approuved Grade 2 by the FIA in Korea (Inje Auto Park.) 1st Asian circuit to be equipped by Tecpro barriers.

Today, Tecpro barriers are considered to be the world leader company in circuit safety barriers.